Installation Guides

Free Lightroom Mobile App (.DNG files)

1. Unzip the folder you downloaded
2. Inside the Lightroom App, click on the (...) settings option in the top-right of the
application and choose ‘Add Photos’.
3. Choose ‘From Files’ options if you saved the folder in the cloud or ‘From Files’ if you
saved the folder in your phone storage.
4. Navigate to the preset folder, select the folder named ‘Lightroom Mobile (.DNG)’ and
select the .DNG files (you should be able to select multiple files in most smartphones).
5. Click on the imported DNG photo, click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner
of the screen.
6. From the menu that appears, chose “Create Presets” and name the preset. For
simplicity’s sake, we recommend typing the same name that is in front of the preset
7. Repeat step 6 for each preset (.DNG file)
8. You are done! You can select an image you’d like to edit; swipe left on the bottom options
and choose ‘Presets’ to apply your new presets!

 IPhone / IPad Installation

Android Installation

Lightroom CC Desktop (.XMP files)

1. Unzip the folder you downloaded.
2. Open Lightroom CC and select the image you want to edit.
3. Navigate to ‘File’ > ‘Import Profiles and Presets’
4. Navigate to the preset folder you unzipped and select the folder named ‘Lightroom
Desktop (.XMP)’.
5. You are ready to apply your presets! Simply open the Preset Panel on the right-side of
your screen and use the small triangle to open the folder. Click on the preset inside the
folder to apply it on the picture.

 Desktop Installation