9 Tips to Taking Stunning Car Photos With Your Smartphone

9 Tips to Taking Stunning Car Photos With Your Smartphone

With the exponential growth of the mobile phone industry, there is no need anymore to invest in a fancy digital camera to take incredible shots of your ride. With a decent smartphone device in your pocket, you can accomplish surprisingly good photographs.

That's why we want to give you some tips to help you take stunning shots of your car and spice up your Instagram feed without investing in a fancy and costly camera.

Look for a shady zone for your car photoshoot

A neutral background can be the perfect choice to make your car look better. You can find some shadow lines where you have to park your car. While avoiding direct sunlight, you will notice good reflections.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Prefer a low angle for the shoot

This is one of the important tricks to capture a geat car image. Don't be afraid to lay on the ground in awkward positions, we've all been through there. You can also use a tripod that has a phone clamp. It will help you to keep your smartphone steady and reduce fuzziness in your picture.

Genesis coupe

Photo by Ezequiel Sanapo

Never overlook the car’s interior

Fold your car seats back to capture the interiors of your vehicle. You can try the HDR mode of your smartphone’s camera to shoot photos of the interior parts for a brighter and nicer look.

audi interior

Try out the panorama mode

Smartphone users can take advantage of the panorama mode. Get another person to drive your vehicle while you deal with the photography. You can also merge more than two images to achieve a pano dash.

Keep in mind that while you are in the panorama mode, you need to move the camera slowly until you are out of the frame.


Photo by Alonso Reyes on Unsplash

Create a background of the tilted horizon

As you tilt the horizon, you can create a composition look. It is one of the best ways of photographing your car with dynamic and unique perspectives.

mini cooper

Photo by Oleksandr Horbach on Unsplash

Focus on your car’s color

Car paints are of diverse types, and they have different looks and reflexions at various times of the day. In most cases, car colors do not look good in the presence of direct sunlight. However, some color schemes manage the direct sun rays perfectly. You have to make your decision based on your car’s paint.

genesis coupe focus st

Photo by Ezequiel Sanapo

Look for unique sites for the car photoshoot

We have already said that you can shoot your car photo in the parking lot. But, you can also choose a site where the viewer can find a picturesque mountain in the background or drive to a nice looking country road. Be creative and use the environment around you!

genesis coupe

Photo by Ezequiel Sanapo

Turn on your car’s lights

You can capture some great images with your headlights, foglights or taillights turned on. However, due to the smaller phone lens, the bright beams from headlights can make a difference in the photo quality. That's why you need to identify the perfect angle and height to capture the headlight’s glare wihtout ruining the picture quality.


Photo by SJGRCA on Unsplash

Wait for the 'Golden hour'

The 'Golden hour' is a very familiar term for most photographers. It starts about 1 hour before sunset and 1 hour after sunrise. You can capture absolutely beautiful tones in the presence of this dim natural light and it's usually the best time to shoot. 

genesis coupe sunset

Photo by Ezequiel Sanapo

These are some tips on car photography using a smartphone. Still, you do not need to stick to some rules for your car photoshoot.

You can combine these tips with your creativity for unique and premium looking car pictures. Explore all the options and find the best use of your smartphone’s camera features!